Jeff Sloyer is currently a STSM (senior technical staff member) for the IBM Cloud Developer Services Tribe where he leads UX for multiple products including Kubernetes, Logging, Monitoring, Schematics (Terraform), and Functions.

Previously Jeff was the core dev lead for IBM Cloud Kubernetes/OpenShift Service. He currently leads multiple squads of developers that builds IBM’s managed Kubernetes service.

Jeff’s previous role at IBM was a Developer Advocate. He promoted IBM’s Platform as a Service (Paas), Bluemix. He’s a Node.JS developer most days, but tinkers in Java and Python. Sloyer is a hacker at heart who loves playing with new tech and cobbling together new demos and projects. He’s an avid traveler, flying around the world and speaking about Bluemix at conferences and events.

On a more personal note Jeff Sloyer loves really anything outside. Some of his favorite activities include mountain biking, skiing, wake boarding, and hiking.

Jeff is also a home brewer, just a word of caution here, he is still learning… The last beer was a little bit of a mistake and fermented too long. The beer was supposed to be 7% and turned into 14%. Ooopies…

Additionally, Jeff is a foodie. He loves traveling and eating new food and experiencing different cultures. Additionally, the travel bug has bitten Jeff hard. He loves to travel to new places and spends a decent amount of time on airplanes. He even loves traveling so much he enjoys going through security. Weird I know right??? One day he hopes to get his own G5.

Lastly, Jeff is a big believer in the 2nd amendment and is a marksman.