Fixing Common Errors With the PHP Buildpack in Bluemix

Posted by Jeff Sloyer on Wed, Aug 26, 2015
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Following up from my previous post, Canonical recently dropped support for lucid64 which is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. This affects Cloud Foundry as lucid64 is the basis for most buildpacks. In Cloud Foundry lucid64 is being phased out for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS which is known as cflinuxfs2 in Cloud Foundry.

Getting stacks in org [email protected] / space dev as [email protected]

name         description
lucid64      Ubuntu 10.04
cflinuxfs2   Ubuntu 14.04.2 trusty

The PHP buildpack will take the default system buildpack and right now in Bluemix it is lucid64. This will throw some errors when you try to push your PHP app, for example something like below.

It looks like you're deploying on a stack (currently set to *lucid64*) that's not supported by this buildpack.
That could be because you're using a recent buildpack release on a deprecated stack.
If you're using the buildpack installed by your CF admin, please let your admin know you saw this error message.
If you at one point specified a buildpack that's at git URL, please make sure you're pointed at a version that supports this stack.
Staging failed: Buildpack compilation step failed


To fix it you just need to use the -s cflinuxfs2 argument for the cf push command. Ex.

cf push myapp -b -s cflinuxfs2

Check out this video for a walk through on how to fix the issue and an explanation of it.

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